Threshing Floor Tabernacle


We are TFT, a div
erse community of believers that are fearless in love and radical for Jesus. We exist to raise up victorious, Spirit filled Christians to Preach, Build, Work and Prepare!

        I.      Preach IT! - The Gospel of Jesus Christ

       II.     Build IT! - The Body of Jesus Christ

       III.    Work IT! - The Works of God

       IV.     Prepare IT! - The Church for Christ return




Based near the Vineyards of the East Bay Area City of Antioch, CA, our location serves as a constant reminder that we are called to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ and gather in the harvest of souls by the power of God’s Spirit.


The name Threshing Floor Tabernacle comes from the biblical story of King David who purchased Ornan’s threshing floor to build an altar and ultimately the first temple for God. Our ministry received this new name back in May of 2006 while Bishop Henry and Pastor Lusia Killings were being stirred with great passion for revival to come to the people of the Northern California region. Since then, we’ve grown into a dynamic Church that impacts people of all backgrounds through discipleship, evangelism, community outreach, while campaigning against human trafficking, drug addiction as well as other social ills that plague our community.


Bishop Henry and Pastor Lusia are recognized for their boldness of faith and unwavering love for people. They work together to lead people into the wholeness and victory that are only found in a dedicated walk and relationship with Jesus Christ.


Here at TFT we believe that something good is about to happen for you and it already is! We welcome you to join us and experience the goodness of what God is doing in our midst!