Threshing Floor Tabernacle

Y.A.YWAY Ministry

Y.A.Y WAY stands for Young Adults and Youth following IN the footsteps of Jesus, being carved, molded, shaped, meshed IN-TO the image of the One they serve as they continue to be a sign-post pointing others to the Way. According to the Gospel of John chapter 14 verse 6 it says:  “I am the way, the truth, and the life no one cometh unto the Father except through Me (Jesus).” 

This diverse group of young men and women come from various different backgrounds, different ethnicity, diverse in culture/tradition who are now determined to impact-and-influence society. In their pursuit of their relationship with Jesus they’ve witnessed the power of the Holy Ghost actively at work not only in their lives but in these YAYWAY Nights scheduled fourth Friday of each month (unless change of date/time is announced) as proof or evidence that the Power of the Holy Ghost is still with the Church at this time. They’ve witnessed people receive their healing; people rededicate their lives to the Lord; salvations; baptisms of the Holy Ghost with biblical evidence of speaking in tongues (Acts 2:4); people falling in-love with Jesus afresh and it’s marvelous to behold. They are being taught, trained, and developed to be disciples and to go forth and be “fishers of men”. 

Y.A.Y WAY is involved collectively in promulgating the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through various forms of ministries with-IN the ministry of TFT:  

Praise and Worship

Dispensation of Grace Interpretive Dance Ministry



Exhortation of the Word

Step/Stomp Routine

If you would desire further information or are interested in becoming actively involved in  Y.A.Y WAY, please contact our youth leaders, Caleb Patton and Elizabeth Patton.

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