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    Day Twelve — Welcome The Word!

    January 12, 2020

    2020 Perfect Vision

    20 Days of Fasting / 20 Minutes of Prayer


    He who turns away his ear from hearing the law [of God and man], even his prayer is an abomination, hateful and revolting [to God].” (Prov. 28:9 AMPC)


    Under the Old Covenant the First Commandment begins with, “Hear O Israel” which implies a careful hearing of someone or something as well as responding appropriately in obedience or action (Deut. 6:4). Our ability to hear the voice of God or His messengers is necessary for our growth and advancement and to turn away from hearing keeps us in an immature and ineffective place for God’s purpose.


    To turn away from hearing the law of God (Word of God) is an insult and an offense to Him and the audacity to pray unto Him after rejecting His Word is an abomination. God’s response to that is “You don’t want to hear Me, I don’t want to hear you!” It’s according to His will that He expects us to pray, and apart from His Word we don’t know how or what to pray. 


    Jesus said, “Be diligent to understand the meaning behind everything you hear, for as you do, more understanding will be given to you. And according to the depth of your longing to understand, much more will be added to you (Mark 4:24 TPT). With the hearing must also come the understanding. The unique thing about The Passion Translation of the Bible is that it translates, “according to the depth of your longing to understand.” This means there is a deep hunger and yearning, a craving for the understanding of the Word of God that you hear. Surface Christianity will not suffice and lack of understanding will prevent necessary growth, maturity, and advancement in the Kingdom.


    The Book of Hebrews (Heb. 5:11-14) points out that at a certain point Believers should advance to become  teachers, but some still need basics because they have become “Dull of Hearing”. Could this be a reason for unanswered prayer? Being ripped off by the devil and stunted in growth and advancement due to a lack of interest in hearing God’s Word. Oftentimes we think to ourselves or say to others, “where would I be if it wasn’t for the Lord? A better question(s) to ask ourselves is where am I now that I’m in the Lord? Am I growing in Him? Is He increasing in me? Am I maturing in Him? Am I advancing in Him? Is there fruit in my life that pleases Him?


    These are not questions of condemnation but evaluation and assessment. We want what God wants for us. We want a good grade from Him. Don’t settle for a passing grade (Better, Common, or Deficient) when EXCELLENCE (Absolutely) is a possibility. Don’t allow your life in Christ to be unproductive. Faith comes by Hearing, and Hearing by the Word of God (Rom. 10:17)—Fruit comes as a result. For the Word to come to you and there be no fruit/result is not possible (Mt. 19:26). Welcome God’s Word with a hearing ear, an open heart, and an alert mind. 


    Run With It!

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