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  • The Holy Ghost was sent, meaning, He’s already IN the EARTH and supposedly IN US (you and I).  When we hear the Word of God being preached or taught it’s more than saying, “Amen”; and being excited, there’s an application process that follows our vocality.  Catch the Word spoken to you and apply it; how do I catch the Word?  First, make sure you’re able to carry the Word because IF you haven’t received Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior you don’t have the ability to CATCH it nor CARRY the Word of God.  Once you’re gone through the process, now it’s time to develop and train the new you – in and by the anointing. You’ve heard so many teachings on the anointing and so many definitions, allow me to simplify the anointing as to not bring further confusion or more letters to add to the letter of the Word you already have compiled in your memory or understanding.  The anointing according to the Book of Isaiah chapter 10 verse 27 says “ . . . the anointing destroys the yoke . . . . “  Destroy means to demolish, tear down, to annihilate, to totally defeat, or to crush, the definition should build confidence and faith in the believers or Christians knowing that the definition just stated above is part of the inheritance in Christ Jesus. You can’t see the anointing but you certainly can FEEL the anointing in several ways but to avoid writing a book here I’ll be brief so we can understand how to first, CATCH before we can CARRY the anointing.  How do I know I’ve caught the anointing?  You use to deal with low self-esteem, or walk in depression, or be introverted, always questioning areas in your life (these are only a few things used as an example of this teaching) BUT as you have been faithful and committed to attend services in Threshing Floor Tabernacle (TFT) you’ve recognized that those things have been broken off of your life where you’ve overcome them, this is how you know you’ve caught the anointing.  Now that those things have been broken off of your life, now what?  Allow that same anointing to increase in your life to believe for greater, don’t retreat, don’t put the gears in your life on “Reverse” or “Park” keep it on “Drive”, keep it on “D for Determined” meaning keep going forward in your ardent pursuit of your relationship in Jesus.


    The anointing is for everyone who receives Jesus Christ as their Personal Lord and Savior, it’s not just for the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, or Teachers it is for everybody to work and increase the Kingdom of my Dad and His Christ.  The gifts of the Holy Ghost are suppose to be evident IN the life of the believer, the person(s) doesn’t have to promote themselves and how they operate in the gift(s), I would like to echo how Pastor Rod Parsley eloquently says it, “Fire is self announcing . . . “ therefore, the gifts of the Holy Ghost is self-announcing.  The gift will announce and introduce Jesus and not you.


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