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  • Elijah challenged the King of Israel, the people of Israel, the four hundred fifty (450) prophets of baal, as well as the four hundred prophets of the groves (asherah poles) who ate at Jezebel’s table, to gather with him at the top of Mount Carmel to determine whose god is God.

    Sometimes you have to stand alone, but always know you’re not alone. When you stand for the things of God – righteousness vs unrighteousness – you stand WITH God. King Ahab was an evil king who committed worse acts than all the kings before him. His acts were so vile that the Lord caused a draught and famine in the land for a period of 3.5 years. Hello California!!! It is one thing when the ungodly of the land sin, but it is altogether different and worse when the people of God commit the same acts as the ungodly. God never intends for His people to live the way they use to or as the ungodly continue to do. He rescues us daily.

    You may have heard about the Duggar family that have made public headlines lately over the discovery of an illicit act committed by the son on five of his sisters and another young girl twelve years ago. He was a teenager and the girls much younger. The media blitz is trying to condemn the son as well as the family by proclaiming cover-up and hypocrisy because the family is a Christian family.

    While the Duggars explanation of things does not suit the culture, their response is biblical. He repented and received forgiveness from each of the girls involved and they’ve each received counseling and have moved on with their lives. But the media wants blood (figuratively speaking). What would Jesus do? Probably say, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”   

    As the Church continues to try to be “relevant” the direction unfortunately leads back to the lifestyle we came from or the current trend of the culture today. It’s no wonder the media goes off in a huff as they see a divided Church functioning on two sides of the equation as to what is acceptable to God and what isn’t. They believe “Christians” should not be condemning others of sin when they themselves have sinned or are sinning. The Duggars have openly said same-sex marriage is wrong – which is right even though some in the Church are divided over the issue.  The Message translation of I Kings 18:21 says it like this, “…How long are you going to sit on the fence?”

    Jesus did not come to condemn the world, so how can we condemn it or them? Jesus came to save the world. This is the condemnation: That Light/Jesus – the Word made flesh – has come into the world to save it; but men/mankind love darkness/sin rather than Light/Jesus, because their deeds were/are evil. The declaration of what’s right and what’s wrong is not condemnation – they are the arrows that point us to Jesus!

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