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  • If we compare the Church in Acts to the Church now it is like looking at two different entities rather than the continuity of one. The Church in Acts focused on Jesus, while the Church now focuses more on us. The Church now more reflects the congregation in the wilderness of the Old Testament, rather than the Church in Acts. No matter what miracle, sign, or wonder the Father did for the congregation in the wilderness, they would soon revert back to their old habits of murmuring, complaining, sexual immorality, testing/tempting God, and idolatry. It’s the same today.
    In the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, He revealed to John what the end-time Church would look like. Jesus confronted the Churches regarding the true state of their condition, and what they needed to do to correct it. To each one He said, “…I know your works…to him (or he who) who overcomes…”(see Rev 2; 3). Jesus knows everything. Nothing is hidden from Him. What’s good and right He approves and praises, what is not good and right He rebukes and commands us to overcome it. The last Church, the Church of Laodicea, was the worst of all.
    This Church was repulsive to Jesus and made Him want to puke. That’s not the lovey-dovey Jesus we sometimes want to portray but it is the true Jesus as revealed in His word. He was the same with the Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees – people who were supposed to have known God and help others to find Him, but only became a stumbling block for many. The problem is when we think we’re okay, but we’re not. We live a life that we approve of but God does not. Our main concern is us. As long as we’re okay, that is all that matters. The world is perishing all around us and we’re too into ourselves to make a difference. When was the last time you lead someone to Jesus? When was the last time you asked Him are you pleasing to Him? Went and prayed for the sick? Invited someone to Church? Cried out to God for a move and demonstration of the Spirit that will bring the Church to its knees and the world to the altar of salvation?

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