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  • Without LOVE I’m bankrupt! To be bankrupt is to be insolvent or unable to pay your bills. LOVE to the believer is what money is to bills – it keeps the lights on; the house warm; food on the table; the family provided for. We need money in order to pay our bills and the believer needs LOVE in order to fulfill the will of God. No matter what we say, believe, or do in the name of Jesus and for His cause, without love it is worthless. Ouch and Yikes!!!

    LOVE is the essential ingredient that fulfills the mandate of Jesus – it’s what makes the cake a cake. It’s the invisible drive that manifest through sacrifice, determination, hardship, and appreciation on the part of the one who gives it. We understand LOVE on a human level through relationships, personal interests, and desires. We often say, “I love my job; I love my wife/husband; I love my home, I love my Church (TFT), etc.” There is a sense of joy, satisfaction, harmony, and completion when engaging in these areas. We talk about them, believe in them, and do things for them. It’s all done out of love. LOVE is what makes a marriage a marriage; a family a family; a home a home; a career a career, etc. LOVE does not tolerate, LOVE appreciates. We respond truthfully, favorably, and honorably to what we love.

    In the Kingdom of God LOVE is even stronger because God has given us His LOVE. We serve Jesus not because we have to but because we LOVE to. That filters into everything we do in His name from church attendance to sharing the Gospel – it’s all out of LOVE. LOVE is not detected by what we say but by what we do. Acts of kindness supersede “God bless you.” Whether someone treats us well or treats us negatively, LOVE shines through. It keeps us on the path of Jesus regardless of the situations or conditions. Receiving LOVE is necessary but releasing LOVE is powerful. We follow the pattern, “not that we loved God, but that He loved us.”

    Without LOVE everything we do is meaningless in Dad’s eyes. It’s only duty/ritual and not from the heart. LOVE motivates us to do good and right to others. Whether we’re applauded, appreciated or not, we do it because we LOVE. It always seeks to add value and not decrease it, to build and not destroy. It’s neither perverse nor disorderly. It always prevails. LOVE never fails.

    LOVE is giving, and giving, and giving, and giving…ad infinitum. LOVE is OF Dad. It emanates from Him in its purest form and is powerful, assertive, passionate, and relentless – it never fails. Dad’s LOVE will follow you to the edge of life; He will LOVE you until the end. If you receive Jesus as Savior and Lord, His LOVE will never end. Dad is LOVE.


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