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  • “ . . . The Prophecy that his mother taught him.

    (Prov. 31:1)

    One of the greatest gifts/honors/privileges that the Father gives us is the ability to teach our children, and there is no one better equipped to do so than mothers. From the time of conception until the day of birth, that child is everywhere the mother is. Wrapped up in the security of her womb, the child receives what the mother receives. A wise woman builds her house and the moment she realizes she is with child she can begin the process of building with that child. She can pray over the child and prophesy over the child as the Spirit of the Lord leads. She can read the Holy Scriptures to the child as well as sing and worship the Lord with the child.  There’s a bond between the mother and her child that is unexplainable,  she teaches through her words and through her actions.

    As a mother, respect and honor for her are a commandment of God (see Ephesians 6:2) which is not hard to follow as we give it to her most deservingly. We would be remiss to overlook all of her selfless acts of love, the untold sacrifices and innumerable hours of work that she yields in her role. There is no substituting the way that she alone can cradle and care for her new born child and continue forward, persevering to raise her child with her life’s energy. It is her alone that had to bear the burden, endure the travail and labor to birth her child into the world – her irreplaceable role in life’s miracle.

    She becomes gentleness and a pride to her son, not to mention an off limits subject in any coarse jesting manner. She is a model of presence and character for her daughter as she begins to favor her when maturing and grown. To both she is always a delicate, yet steady wind in their back, ministering comfort and strength.

    Today, it is most appropriate to share a touch of what places her in a class of her own. This is not an attempt to submit an introduction because she doesn’t need one. It remains undeniable that when her name is spoken by her children, or stated in reference as her child’s guardian, or the cause of a schoolyard fight when misused in a joke, she is treasured and prized!

    Maybe, of these things she is to you many…Perhaps more or just a few…There’s no way she was without any…Because without her, there would be no -- YOU!  She is MOM!!!

    For all of the women mentioned above, we honor you today!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

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