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  • So I run with purpose in every step.” I Cor 9:26 NLT

    Year 2017 has been a phenomenal year for Threshing Floor Tabernacle (TFT) and we give all the glory to God. Once again our offerings were the highest in the history of the Ministry (more than 20% over last year)!!! It’s exciting to witness all of the wonderful things that has been done. Let the Church echo the words of Mary when she said, “For He who is mighty has done great things for me, And holy is His name (Lk 1:49 NKJV).” As we reflect on this past year, there are myriads of testimonies and praise reports that are just too many however, these are only indicators of greater things to come in 2018! 

    Here are only a few things worth noting that occurred this year:
    • Financial:
      • Lumberjack and Sister Traci Brown / Thermal Comfort has had an enormous increase financially of 237%, increase in staff--2 crews and a van 
      • Minister Eren Aquino, Sisters Keaonani Aquino, Diana Patton, and Sandra Erostico received a 4% raise increase
      • Minister Eren Aquino, Sisters Keaonani Aquino, and Diana Patton received over $1,000.00 bonuses
      • Brother Charles Farmer received $48,000-$50,000 in retro for his son, Zachy, in addition, $4,000 a month for life also, $14,000 of citations forgiven
      • Sister Teanna Lewis received a pay increase and being prepared for management
    • Employment:
      • Brother Miguel Alizaga was fired from his job BUT GOD, went to 5 interviews in 2 days, prayed for one of the jobs he desired, they offered him the position, pays more than what he received from his previous job
      • Brother Qwame Mays was hired at Brentwood Middle School
      • Brother Deante Mays was very late for his interview, they waited for him went through the interview and offered the job
      • Brother Danny Ruff employed as an electrician was a referral by Sister Diana Patton
      • Brother Christian Choate hired at the Chevron Refinery
      • Sister Desiree Choate was promoted to Assistant Manager
      • Sister Gaby Martinez interviewed and offered a position in Walnut Creek at $18 an hour
      • Sister Shantavia Killings transferred to Bank of America in Pittsburg
    • Healing:
      • Sister Maria Mays ovaries was healed, did not need to be removed
      • Sister Julie healed of her blind eye
      • 3 people released into hospice, are no longer under hospice care
      • Sister Laura Jernigan’s coworker informed her regarding the pregnancy, the doctor diagnosed the baby would be born with a cleft-lip—doctors examined the baby again--no cleft-lip
      • Brother Tim and Sister Kelley’s grandson Logan was attacked by a dog, upper lip hanging off, rushed to the hospital-the doctor’s was able to save the upper lip with a miraculous recovery
    • Housing:
      • The Mbara’s purchased their own home at much less than original price
      • Sister Nicole Castro was offered a home on an acre to rent with the amount that she desired, it also has amenities for her son, Nicky to enjoy and needs
    • Graduates:
      • Sisters Gaby Martinez and Sandra Erostico received their Bachelors degree
      • Brother Joseph Ford graduated from the Peace Academy
    • Newborns (3 in 2017—TRIPLE!):
      • Minister William and Sister Lauren Posada – Olivia E. Posada
      • Brother  Deante and Sister Maria Mays – Deante Jr. Mays
      • Brother Qwame and Sister LaTika Mays – Ananiah S. Mays
    • Ordination:
      • Ministers Eren Aquino, Jelani Killings, Daniel Patton, and William Posada were ordained as Ministers

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