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    "A Right Time For Everything"

    September 7, 2014

    To everything there is a season, a special occasion for which something is brought forth. There is a time, a “now” or a “when” for every purpose – pleasure, desire, valuable thing, a matter of the mind. For Noah it was to build an arc to save his family. For Abraham it was to become the father of many nations. For Moses it was to deliver God’s people and give them His laws. For Esther it was to save her people from annihilation. For Mary it was to give birth to the Savior. For Jesus it was to die for the sins of the world in order to reconcile us back to the Father.


    In our seasons or moments in time for which we were birthed, we reach the apex of our endeavors and in that – we find fulfillment. No one, especially a child of the Most High God, should be going through life aimlessly searching for “a reason” to exist. Unfortunately for many, they never get to that place of knowing and accomplishing what they were birthed to do. For the ungodly, it can be a frustrating task. For the child of God, it’s simple.


    To reach our season, time and purpose, we have to get to that place where everything we do revolves around what we believe in. That is the power of faith; that is the power of vision; that is the power of God in action. When we discover what our true beliefs are, our season, time and purpose will come into focus. The “how to’s” are already written for the child of God. It will fuel us like nothing else. It becomes our hope, our ambition, our dreams, our desires, our passions, and the reason why we live. Jesus has called us to something much greater than ourselves and to obtain it, we must become like a seed that falls into the ground and dies to avoid abiding alone (see John 12:24, 25).


    So simple yet for many their response would be, “that’s it?” God gave us this world to enjoy; however, there’s a devil loose that will see to it, if you allow him, that the only way you will enjoy things on this earth is to do it his way. To do it God’s way stirs up conflict, rejection, and persecution. The world thrives on pride, lust, self-seeking and selfish ambitions. The children of God are supposed to operate by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. The Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit dwelling in every believing child of God. Isn’t it interesting to note that we can walk in a spirit of rebellion and disobedience so easily but when it comes to walking in the Holy Spirit we find it so difficult? John said it right when he said, “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” We realize who that greater one is by what we do not by what we say.


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