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  • Oct13Sun

    A Shepherd's Role

    October 13, 2019

    During this time and hour seldom do we hear a Pastor being addressed as a Shepherd, however, the roles of these offices are synonymous in character—as it is with the Shepherd so it is with the Pastor whose heart is for God and His people.  To have a better understanding of the role of the Pastor, we will examine the role of the Shepherd. A Shepherd gives of himself for the flock, he leads, feeds, tends to, pastures, associate with, keeps, protects, provides, and nurtures the flock.  History gives us examples of shepherds known to keep watch and journeyed with the flock in an open terrain—lurking at any moment without warning, poachers (false teachers) trespassing to steal what doesn't belong to them, wolves (the devil and his foes) ready to kill and devour; wintery weather conditions or natural disasters (spiritual climate over our personal lives) would arouse the Shepherd to navigate the flock for cover. While the shepherd serves as the protector and defender, he too is not exempt from these risks or dangers, but he's prepared and ready to confront and defend anything that will threaten the livelihood of his flock! The shepherd has given his life for those under his protection, he loves the flock, he knows sheep tend to stray or wander if they're not guided or directed, sheep knows  and recognizes the voice of their shepherd under the True Shepherd, Jesus. As the flock of God, do we recognize these characteristics in our leaders?


    Today, as we celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month, we are honoring two of God's leaders of the faith  in our midst--who have been appointed, anointed, and ordained by the Lord Jesus Christ to carry-out and execute the mandate entrusted unto them. They demonstrate true leadership, a leader leads by example and they watch over our soul, in the Book of Hebrews chapter 13 verse 17 says, "Obey your spiritual leaders and recognize their authority, for they keep watch over your soul without resting since they will have to give an account to God for their work.  So, it will benefit you when you make their work a pleasure and not a heavy burden." Apostle and Pastor Lusia's heart is to see the flock in Threshing Floor Tabernacle prosper in every way, continually enjoy and be in good health, their soul (which is your mind, your will, your emotions) be enriched and prosper in and through God's Word. Church, set before us are God's chosen vessels whom He has placed his signature of approval to build the Church of the Living God through the teaching of His Holy Word, the demonstration of God's Holy Spirit through signs, wonders, and divers miracles.  They are tireless in their prayers over our lives and situations, they speak the manifold wisdom of God, they speak and have spoken the truth to us whether it was favorable or not, they have prepared us for times of storms, they have withstood the winds of adversity with us until it passed, they believed for us when we became weak in the faith, they carried us when we struggled in our walk of faith, they spoke the words of life (zoe) when we became disheartened or moments of despair came upon us--they choose to love unconditionally, they have given of themselves to the call no matter the cost. As God delights in the prosperity of His children, Apostle and Pastor Lusia also delights and rejoices when we prosper in everything.

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