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  • A time to be born, and a time to die…” Eccl 3:2

    Today and tomorrow we’ll be celebrating the Birth of Jesus our Savior. Merry Christmas! From the time of His birth until the time of His crucifixion, the world was changed and hasn’t been the same since. The life that He lived has effected past, present, and future generations to come. Jesus lived on purpose. He was fixed and focused on fulfilling His assignment. For 33 ½ years Jesus made a mark on life that even the devil cannot erase. 

    What matters most to you in life? Whatever it is, you only have so much time to get things in order. Procrastination is a dream/vision killer and time is not waiting for you. It keeps going. What you have between the “Time” of your birth and the “Time” of your death is “Life” – your life. Time is pregnant with opportunities but your life is pregnant with dreams and visions. 

    Time is given to everyone but not everyone benefits from it. Many “waste” time and are disadvantaged by that. Others redeem it by making the most of every opportunity because they understand how precious time is and prosper because they use it wisely. The advantage that we as believers have over time is “A Word”. The Word that we have is our appointment with destiny. It is a season and a time of purpose that we were born to fulfill (see Eccl 3:1).

    Hezekiah, one of the great Kings of Judah/Jerusalem, became sick unto death and was told to, “set your house in order” (II Kings 20:1-6). But he prayed and God gave him the Word that he would live 15 more years!!! He was SICK UNTO DEATH – AKA he was about to die, his TIME on earth was up!!! But the Word from God has ULTIMATE POWER!!! When Ezekiel was prophesying to the people of Jerusalem, “…in the day that thou wast born…And when I passed by thee and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I SAID UNTO THEE…LIVE; YEA, I SAID UNTO THEE…LIVE (Eze 16:5-6). It’s not how you begin in life but how you finish in life that is most important. 

    The diagram above represents the spectrum of life from birth unto death in that it is filled with ups and downs, peaks and valleys, but nevertheless it goes on until it ends. It’s what you do in between birth and death that count. 2017 almost gone, 2018 is crowning.

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