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    The Book of Acts Tells the Story

    June 16, 2014
    The Church was not identified by the building, the label or the religious sect they were a part of. It was identified by a sign. Jesus said, “and these signs shall follow those who believe.” The first sign was tongues. Everybody say, the first sign was tongues. Tongues were controversial then and they’re still controversial today. The crowd was amazed, astounded and perplexed by what they heard. They despised the Galileans. They started mocking them and saying they were drunk. That’s controversy!

    But did it stop the disciples? No! Because they knew what it was – the manifestation of the Holy Ghost! They felt the power as they were baptized with the power. That was not the end of the controversy. It got worse! They healed a lame man and got in trouble with the religious leaders as they were threatened to never preach or teach in the Name of Jesus – the very name that healed the lame man. They cast a devil out of a girl and were beaten and thrown into the inner prison – the dungeon. The Book of Acts tells the story.

    It was because of the various signs that identified believers of that day that people began to call them Christians. They were different. They were bold. They were unselfish. They were united. Religion, demons, and worldliness will always deny or limit the power of God. Through mockery, ridicule, or demonization – claiming or making it appear that something is evil or demonic when it is not – satan and religious people have hindered the Church of God in the earth. 
    Let’s not argue or debate about what God has done and is doing. Let’s examine the fruit. Some people say tongues are not for today. Some say it’s a gift only for certain individuals. Some say it should only be done in private. Some say it’s of the devil. Some say, some say, some say… Believe the word of God. You shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.
    Tongues are a gift for the Body and for the individual. Tongues are for speaking in different languages by way of the Holy Ghost. Tongues are for building up the believer in spiritual power, faith, and love through prayer. Tongues are for an effective prayer life. Tongues are for interpretation. Tongues are for the assembly. Tongues are for the individual. Every believer can have a prayer life in tongues. Tongues are a SIGN for the unbeliever

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