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    Unleash The Power

    February 26, 2017

    When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace.” Lk 11:21

    A strong man is one who is very powerful and fully armed to protect his goods – whatever they may be. As long as he is in control his goods are at peace. To disturb that peace and take the goods it will take someone or something stronger than the strong man and his arsenal in order to do so.

    Jesus said in the next verse when a stronger one comes, he’ll overcome the strong man and take his armour that he trusted in and divide the spoils. To the victor belong the spoils. This all came about as a result of Jesus casting out a devil and being accused of doing so by the power of satan. He (satan) is the strong man and his goods are all of the unsaved in the earth.

    Jesus is the “stronger than he” who has overcome satan, and stripped him of his armour. The palace is the earth of which satan has been dethroned. The goods are the people under his influence. He roars like a lion but is actually a little “puddy cat” with a megaphone as one of my Pastors used to say. He (satan) only has power over those who are weaker than he is. On our own we are much weaker than he is. But we are not on our own if we have truly repented of our sins and have received Jesus as our Lord. The Greater One lives in us according to I John chapter four, verse four.

    We are in Jesus and Jesus is in us. If any man be in Christ…(see II Cor 5:17). The same power He executed over satan and his devils while here on earth is the same power that lives within us because Jesus is in us. He lives in us by His Spirit – Holy Spirit! It’s time to unleash the power!   

    Unleash the power of healing within your spirit (weak, wounded, contaminated), and soul (mind, will, emotions), and body (sickness, illness, affliction). In all areas we are to be sanctified, strong in faith, pure in motives. Unleash the newness of life found only in Jesus. Unleash the boldness of Spirit in contending for the faith. Unleash the favor and blessing of God over your life and family in all you do that you may prosper according to Psalm chapter one, verses one through three.

    You’re not the victim any longer, you’re the VICTOR!!! To the Victor belong the spoils!!!


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