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  • So they crucified Jesus. Having found no fault in Him, the people and the religious leaders forced the hand of the Roman Government to punish our innocent Savior with death by crucifixion. His first words, “Father forgive them…”, now lead to respond to the guilty sinner who repents (turns toward God) and is promised that he will be with Jesus “ . . . today in Paradise.”

    In the midst of dying a horrific death, Jesus promises HOPE – an expected end. The man/thief wants Jesus to remember him when Jesus comes into His Kingdom. He believed Jesus was coming into His Kingdom. The thief believed and Jesus saved! Salvation is simple yet powerful. It’s free because Jesus paid the price with His life – His Blood! He bled and died but rose again. Salvation comes easy because Jesus did the hard work. It’s now but also eternal. You’ll die but you’ll live. “To day shalt thou be with Me in Paradise.”

    The thief showed humility and strength as he rebuked his partner in crime for his arrogance, and humbly asked the Lord to remember him when He came into His Kingdom. This thief obviously believed in the resurrection of the dead. He acknowledge his sin (we receive the due reward of our deeds), and Jesus’ righteousness (this Man hath done nothing amiss).

    If you want to get Jesus’ attention simply acknowledge, “Jesus, you are right and I am wrong.” Our hope of salvation is not far off, it’s in our mouth and in our heart (See Rom. 10:8-10) – “the Word of Faith”! The Word of Faith is not a sect or denomination, it’s the Holy Writ of God! It is based on Confession and Belief! Abraham believed God and it was accounted unto him for righteousness (See Romans chapter 4). The righteousness which is of Faith speaks according to Romans chapter ten verse six. In the words of Smith Wigglesworth, “You’ve got to SAITH it”! The thief said “Lord remember me…”, and Jesus responded “Today you shall be with Me…”

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