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    Word of the Lord 8/29/19

    September 8, 2019

    “Hello Pastor Killings: 


    So good to talk with you and thank you for your prayer for Kathy and me; as well as our family.  I always appreciate our time together; especially prayer.


    As you were praying for us, I kept seeing a picture in my spirit of a well.........a deep well, being dug deeper and deeper........I could see the deep, dark cylinder be dug down to a pool of glowing, crystal clear, clean and refreshing water.  I thought of the old Sunday School song "Deep & Wide" & I heard the Lord say that HE was digging deeper in you, down deep in you where the waters are virgin, crystal clear and clean.  HE is digging a deep well, secure, stable -so that when the winds and waves come, sunny days or rain-this well will not be moved but remain solid and supplied by those waters. 

    The depth of the well is necessary to sustain and support the width of your influence.  The depth of this well will determine the width of your path and will keep you solid.  This water is refreshing, clean and living.


    I also had scripture come up about the samaritan women who The Lord ministered to at the well; yet I did not mention it in prayer-but I saw it in my spirit.


    To GOD be the Glory, now and forever! So thankful to know you as my brother in Christ; so thankful to be in HIS Army with generals like you





    God’s Servant,

    Mike Beckerat


    (A confirming word released through God’s servant, Brother Mike Beckerat of what’s been taught and happening in the TFT.)


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