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    The Prayer of Jesus

    September 13, 2015

    The King of kings and the Lord of lords sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. In John 17 He prayed, “I pray not for the world but for those you have given Me” (see verse 9). We couldn’t ask for a better intercessor other than Jesus and the Holy Ghost. The fact that Jesus is praying for us does not eliminate our responsibility to pray but allows us to co-labor with Him in order to get the will of God done in the earth. We get saved and then we get to help the Father accomplish His will in the earth. God is not just God, He is our Father and we are His sons and daughters. That’s beyond religion – it’s a FAMILY BUSINESS.

    Notice Jesus said, “I pray not for the world.” It’s not that the world/sinners don’t need prayer; it’s that the Church needs prayer to fulfill its mission. The world/sinners need salvation and the only way they’ll get saved is through the message of the Gospel of Jesus that has been delegated to be preached by the Church. If we don’t do our job, the world/sinners truly are going to hell on our watch. This is not condemnation, this is reality. The world cannot save itself. The Church must preach the Gospel, live a holy, consecrated and sanctified life, and be ready to meet the Lord in the air. These words may sound old and obsolete in today’s society but they are very common and applicable in the Bible. The devil since the beginning has tried to discredit the veracity of God’s Word – he was a liar then and he’s a liar now (see Jn 8:44). Jesus says there is “no truth” in him – the devil. AND, He prays in John 17, “sanctify them with the truth, Thy Word is truth.” If Jesus regards the Bible – The Word of God – as the truth, who do you think will try to convince you it is a lie? OR, downplay it as though it’s misinterpreted, not relevant or necessary today.

    The Psalmist said, “Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee” (Ps 119:11). Out of the heart flow the issues of life; if the Word is in your heart guess what’s going to flow out. Your behavior is a reflection of what’s in your heart. Your heart determines the course of your life. Governed and guided by the Word and the Holy Ghost, we are destined for good success, and the end – everlasting life. That being said, the intercession of Jesus for the Church is to keep us awake, focused and active concerning our true purpose and calling. The prayers are to keep the Church from growing cold and callous; indifferent to the things of God. The prayers are for preaching with conviction and power and never change the message.

    The prayers are to be faithful and led by the Spirit. The prayers are to have the revelation of the Father and the Lord Jesus. The prayers are to keep the Church effective in the world as the salt of the earth and the light of the world. The prayers are for the Church to pray without ceasing. Never giving up, never compromising the faith, but earnestly contending for the faith. 

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